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Northwest Partners Reinforces Commitment to Business Sustainability Through Green Business Bureau Collaboration


Miami, FL — May 15, 2022 —We are proud to announce that Northwest Partners is making a new commitment to its business sustainability   program through its Green Business Bureau Collaboration.

Blazing a Sustainable Trail with Northwest Partners

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, Northwest Partners actively pushes the boundaries by merging advanced IT solutions with eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to sustainability shines brightly, especially with our collaboration with the esteemed Green Business Bureau.

Understanding the Green Business Bureau’s Mission

The Green Business Bureau, a pioneering organization, is on a mission to help businesses of all sizes turn their operations greener. They provide tools and knowledge to make sustainable practices accessible, achievable, and cost-effective. At the heart of their mission lies the goal to foster a global business community where environmental performance is a vital part of growth and success.

We want our journey to be a testament to how we’ve woven this mission into our DNA. Starting with our firm stance against waste, we’ve expanded our eco-initiatives to encompass comprehensive, environment-friendly practices that align seamlessly with the benchmarks set by the Green Business Bureau.

With this collaboration, we continue our journey of innovation, ensuring that each step we take in the IT domain is also a stride towards a greener planet.

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