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Northwest Partners Achieves Gold Certification in Sustainability from Green Business Bureau

Green business bureau gold seal

Miami, FL — January 7, 2023 —Northwest partners is proud to announce that it achieved a gold certification in business sustainability. This is a great milestone in the company sustainability program.

Embracing a Green Future: Our Journey with Sustainability

At Northwest Partners, our commitment to sustainability isn’t just a promise; it’s a core principle ingrained in every project and initiative we undertake. Delving into our sustainability story, it’s evident how we’ve transformed our operations to reduce our environmental footprint. From advocating for energy efficiency to taking strides in reducing e-waste, our journey embodies our vision for a sustainable future in the IT landscape.

Gold Standard: A Testament to Our Dedication

We’re elated to announce that our unwavering dedication to sustainability has been recognized with a Gold certification from the Green Business Bureau. This esteemed accolade reflects our myriad green accomplishments. Whether it’s championing remote working options to curb commute emissions or pioneering innovative waste reduction strategies, we’ve consistently showcased our commitment to an eco-conscious approach.

Partnering with the Green Business Bureau has provided us with a framework to benchmark and elevate our green initiatives, ensuring we’re not only at the forefront of technological innovation but also leading the charge in sustainable business practices.

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, as we continue to champion a harmonious blend of IT excellence with environmental responsibility.

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