A serverless platform for running containers globally – feedback?

Hi r/cloudcomputing

We are validating a new serverless product to deploy and manage containers globally (seaplane.io, the website needs updating). We are looking for feedback.

We found that many engineering teams spend hundreds of hours building and maintaining infrastructure where they could be working on their core applications instead. We aim to solve those problems.

Our platform lets users deploy containerized workloads on a global compute cluster that runs on top of multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) and bare metal (Equinix, Hivelocity, OVH, etc.) and custom edge. The platform automatically senses your traffic and adjusts the infrastructure accordingly (much like a CDN does for content), scaling horizontally and adjusting where the compute runs to minimize latency.

Besides the compute, we also run a data layer currently supporting Postgres. The DB supports multi-region multi-writer in 400+ locations and is strongly consistent.

The goal is to give engineering teams superpowers to build on top of strong infrastructure without worrying about zones, regions, clouds, redundancy, and anything else. The system takes care of all of that while still giving you a granular level of control.

Would you use a system like this? Anyone interested in providing feedback, we would love to hear from you!

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