A Virtual Remote Desktop for Downloading and Uploading Twitch Vods

I need some advice regarding a cheap cloud solution which I can use for this purpose.

I am not using my own internet for this purpose as it is very slow and expensive for this purpose.
I want to download and upload the twitch vods of a streamer to youtube for archiving purposes. For this, I already have a python script which can detect when a streamer goes online and starts downloading the vods as they stream. After it is downloaded, I upload that vod to youtube, and manage my channel from my own local system.
So, I want a cloud solution, which can remain always on, with that script running in the background all the time. Which persists even after I log off, which hopefully I can also access with my mobile phone.

I have already tried Kamatera and Amazon Web Services Workstations. But I still need some suggestions for even cheaper solutions. As you can see from my requirements, I need just minimalist cpu, ram and hard drive but a really good internet(Which I assume everyone has), and which can stay always with that script running in the background. I would greatly appreciate any help and suggestion. Thank You.

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