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Our environmental sustainability pledge 

Northwest Partners is committed to environmental sustainability. We believe that Mother Earth is our home, and that it’s our collective responsibility to protect it.  To do that, we have committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2024, and actively work and encourage our clients, partners, and employees to do the same.  

We are proud to hold a Gold Certification through the Green Business Bureau, which highlights our commitment to operating our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  

Adopting green technology and policies

Northwest Partners views sustainability as part of our ongoing development and improvement. We take a holistic approach to green business design and seek to continuously improve our sustainability credentials by adopting new green initiatives and policies.  

So far, these green initiatives include:  

  • Relocating to an LEED-certified gold office with an effective recycling program 
  • Updating purchasing policies to support sustainability 
  • Migrating to the cloud, and offering work-from-home options to all staff 
  • Offering a $5,000 credit to employees to help them purchase electric vehicles in 2023 
Proudly Gold-Certified with the Green Business Bureau 

To meet our goals of becoming a carbon-neutral company, Northwest Partners has sought guidance from the Green Business Bureau, a dedicated sustainability service provider. To date, we’ve achieved a Gold Certification through the GBB.  

This required us to complete sustainability initiatives including:  

  • Reducing Scope 3 emissions by becoming a completely remote company  
  • Upgrading older fluorescent T2, T5, and T5 lamps for LED alternatives 
  • Using environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-based cleaning products  
  • Creating an executive leadership team with women, minorities, and people from underrepresented communities in top leadership roles
Helping clients become more sustainable

As an IT and talent solutions provider, Northwest Partners works with a variety of businesses and industries across the world. This has allowed us to adopt big-picture thinking to address both our own and our clients’ business sustainability goals.  

As a solutions partner, we actively work with clients to help them adopt and streamline green technologies to make their businesses more sustainable. For example, Northwest Partners has a team of experts dedicated to helping move client solutions to the cloud and take steps to optimize their carbon footprint.