Applying cognitive science to champion data-management adoption

The organization knows that data is the future. Data is required for making the best decisions. Data-driven organizations are more profitable. As a result, they can give back more socially by leveraging data to develop better insights. Then why is it that in our last meeting, data wasn’t used to make decisions? Because change is tough.

Great CIOs serve as evangelists for technology and innovation by identifying new, untapped opportunities to enable business objectives and leapfrog the competition.  We can’t, however, do that alone.

The role of the business relationship manager (BRM) has exploded over the last twenty years. The BRM has always been critical for successful convergence between IT visionaries and business partners, but it was only recently, in 2013, when Aaron Barnes and Vaughan Merlyn started the Business Relationship Institute (BRM Institute), that the concept of the BRM as a champion of our business partners started to take off.

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