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Preparing for the cloud transformation, advice needed

Hello all fellow redditors. I hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I got promoted within a global organization and got the position of Head of IT in another division with the task of building an IT team from the scratch. My background is a former sysadmin and system architect in the past. I was focused on HA and clustering. 8 years ago I was promoted to the manager position with a focus on IT service delivery and team coordination.

CEO sees this as an opportunity to transform this division into an IT tech-driven entity. He’s a competitive and ambitious person. Said, which I need to validate, money to spend in tech area may not be a problem.

Story so far:

Company approx 250 people. No local infrastructure besides network. IT services are delivered by external SP, with crappy or no SLA. IT Services are not properly delivered and user frustration is constantly increasing. IT team is 2 support guys, skillful but limited with capabilities and with lack of administrative access, as most of the systems are managed externally in data centers of the SP. Management wants to improve the situation and asks me to lead the change. The overall global strategy includes Azure. M365 is already in use but is also managed by the external SP.

After initial review, I see half of the applications are not cloud-ready and we need a deep analysis regarding lift and shift or drop and replace. I want to focus on cloud-native apps but this is the future. Currently, I need to focus on gathering the transformation dream IT team and need your feedback about this.

  1. I want to promote and start training one of the support guy and place him as a sysadmin (infrastructure as primary, network and security as secondary skills). He was kind of left alone and I want to show him know that he’s no longer on his own. He has potential.
  2. Keeping a team of 2 user support with a possibility to train them up into sysadmin role at a later stage.
  3. Employ experienced cloud sysadmin with a primary focus on network security, connectivity, and infrastructure as secondary skills). This person to liaise with compliance department and security team of the global IT-Governance dept.
  4. Cloud Architect / Engineer to design and manage cloud infrastructure and work with sysadmins hand in hand to guide them and bring new products to the cloud
  5. Project Manager / Product Manager – self-explanatory to support the cloud project first and to manage cloud applications and services portfolio at a later stage

My focus as a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is to facilitate the team with necessary tools, training missing skills, budget negotiation with the CEO to make things happen. I will be the buffer between the IT team and the executives and their demands. I’m still learning the organization and collecting information on the current state of IT and applications used to have a starting point. I am talking to executives to learn their business goal to inline IT with it. With these 2 covered I need to assess the risks and assumptions and draft the transformation roadmap. Meantime I need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current IT portfolio. I see the benefits of including the cloud consulting company to assist with cloud building strategy and identify gaps, but don’t know at what stage to initiate this activity.

When it comes to cloud transformation and taking responsibility I want to start by embracing M365 services starting from taking control of Exchange 365, intune, autopilot, etc

My cloud experience is not a big one (mostly M365). Even though being a leader of the IT team, I believe I need to up my skills a bit. What do you recommend?

I need an opinion from your perspective of the feasibility of the above idea and assessment if this is too much or too little to complete the task. I have a sense I am missing something.

Hopefully, the above rambling is not too chaotic.



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