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[HaaS + Cloud Gaming] Difference between using Parsec + Paperspace vs just Parsec?

I’m going to get a Chromebook soon and want to do some cloud gaming on it. I’ve been researching options, and so far, using Parsec seems like a good option. It seems, however, that I can either rent a Paperspace VM instance directly through Parsec (Quadro P5000 @ ~$.70/hr) or I can rent a Paperspace VM directly from Paperspace (Quadro P6000 @ ~$1/hr) and then use Parsec to remote into it. Other than the obvious hardware upgrade available from Paperspace, are there any additional benefits to just using Parsec to rent the instance and go through the Parsec webapp? I can’t imagine I would have any better latency or performance using Parsec to jump to the P6000 Paperspace VM, but I’m not too experienced in cloud gaming, so I thought I would ask around before I made a decision. Thanks!

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