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Cloud automation with Ansible series: Dynamic inventory

Interested to learn more about cloud automation with Ansible? Dynamic inventory is the first in a series of use cases we will prepare.

What is Ansible’s Dynamic inventory? It’s basically the glue between provisioning and deployment, allowing you to provision your infrastructure and then deploy applications onto it with a single tool at the same time. Learn how with this hands-on use case, where we take a look at how to parse a set of machines on DigitalOcean and how to use dynamic inventory configuration to select a subset of machines for deployment.

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Popular Cloud Automation Tools

We created an overview of the most popular cloud automation tools currently available – Ansible, Terraform, SaltStack, Puppet. If you are a cloud provider, which tool do you integrate with for automating cloud management? If you are a cloud user, which…

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Cloud Automation with Ansible

We can all agree that managing cloud infrastructure by hand is a no-go, right? Right. And there are quite a few tools that can help us with administration tasks. But which one to choose for controlling cloud resources? We use Ansible because of its fle…

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