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Looking to host a test website on AWS

So recently I have been familiarising myself with AWS via an online course and practicing some stuff on my own . I recently finished learning basics of VPC’s and thought I want to make a small experimental website and host it on my VPC but in free tier limits

Here’s what the website would be : It would be a small diary keeping website , in which I’ll make accounts for just a couple of my friends . I’ll give each of them thier own username and password to log into the site and then they can write on the webpage given to them , then if they log out and log back in everything stays as is . But I tried looking at what I would need for this and how I would approach the problem but I haven’t gotten any leads . I figured maybe I’d ask you guys for help see if this is possible within the free tier limits or not and how do I go about this

Note : I don’t want to keep the website up for longer than 3 hours or 4 hours . Lesser than that also works provided I get to test the website out . I also want my database to be in the private subnet of my VPC and the main website on the public ofc , so my main motive is actually to test how to communicate between my private and public servers to give the user the data .

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