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Cloud Provider Suggestions :: Nextcloud

Hi all,

I’m planning for a cloud backup & storage implementation and am looking for some advice & possible new solutions. Would genuinely appreciate your help!

TL;DR -> Synology <-> Cloud Sync + Share Files with Users. What Do?

Currently, we have a primary Synology server hosted in-house with approx. 60TB of critical data. Much of the data is automatically synced to the cloud via various Google MyDrives & Shared Drives where some folders are shared to Google Users through our Google Workspace accounts. Once changes are made via Google, they are automatically replicated back to the Synology via its Cloud Sync app. TBH, it’s pretty cool & works great in a small team environment.

The issue(s) we are having as we scale up is that when working with Google Drives, permissions can be a bit wonky & don’t always propagate right away. When requests come in to share with new users we have to spend a lot of time setting permissions on both the Synology box & also fiddling around with Google permissions. Despite residing on the Synology, some files are shared via MyDrives & others on Shared Drives which causes problems.The advantage of sticking with this method is that in theory, we currently have unlimited cloud storage, however it is entirely depend on Google remaining as is & our entire workflow could be broken if someone at Google decides to change something.

One possible solution I am looking at would be to run a NextCloudVM using AWS, GCP or Azure and have mounted a relatively huge cloud-based drive (S3, EBS, EFS, etc.) to host our data. In the back end, I would run rsync on a daily basis to sync up the Synology to what’s being hosted on the VM. Running NextCloud would allow us to maintain a relatively similar workflow for our external users, but also allow us to maintain permission control.

Based on the above, what might you recommend for a possible solution? AWS seems to offer the most flexibility in terms of products, but their pricing is high. Same with GCP. Azure does appears to be a bit cheaper. Totally open to non-mainstream cloud providers as well.

Thank You!!

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