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Cloud Computing for Personal Use (Statistics at University)

Hey everybody,

I’m quite new to this community and hope that this request hasn’t been answered lots of times in the past. In a sense, my question is similar to stuff posted on r/buildapc but in the context of cloud computing.

A little bit about my current setup and my usecase:
– Somewhat simplified I’m pursuing a degree in Economics with a focus in statistics and in the last couple of years, I more and more specialized in computational statistics and started using HPC for statistics.

– Personally, I’m using a rather slow laptop and a powerful desktop pc. However, I discovered that for most of my workloads my desktop is either completely overpowered or hilariously underpowered. There’s pretty much no sweet spot in my work that is fulfilled by what my desktop does. (Originally, I – bought the desktop for gaming, which I don’t really have the time for anymore.)

– Due to work, I have some experience working with HPC systems based on SLURM and can program in multiple languages suitable for HPC resources, including some experience with MPI.

– In about a year, I’ll move across continents to pursue a PhD as I’m aiming for a career in academia. I’m currently not planning to take my desktop with me. Instead, I’m thinking of either selling it (I would probably get about 1200 euros for it) to finance a new laptop and contribute to expenses linked to the PhD or to leave it in my parent’s house to use SSH to access it, whenever I need its computing power.

This leads to the following question: which out of the classic services (AWS, google cloud, …) for cloud computing is best for this kind of personal work at a reasonable price? My workload can probably be best described by statistical simulations and data science and the thing I need most is a simple to use virtual machine where I can quickly adjust the computing resources to suit my needs for the current project and immediately scale them down, once they’re not needed anymore.

I’m looking forward to your Input!

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