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Get started with Terraform automated cloud deployment – two projects: Cloudblock (Pihole+Wireguard) & Cloudoffice (Nextcloud+Onlyoffice). Your choice of six major cloud providers with text and video guides for deploying from scratch.

If you’re the type that learns by doing, I have two fun cloud projects:

Both deploy automatically via Terraform. Terraform builds the cloud resources (network, firewall, server, encryption, access, etc) and bootstraps Ansible to configure the server (packages, configuration files, setup scripts).

Choose your cloud – the projects are compatible with:

  • AWS (Amazon)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Scaleway
  • Standalone servers (Raspberry Pi / Ubuntu)

Text+video instructions to walk any level of experience through installation/deployment – see the github links for the guides. Also, there are links to discord channels for both projects – questions, ideas, feedback, bug reports, discussion all welcome.

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