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Hosting my first Discord bot


I’m planning a Discord bot (written in Python), and am a little bewildered by the options for hosting. This is my first bot, and my first time using any sort of cloud computing service.

This bot has several requirements. Amongst others, it must:

  • be available 24/7/365,
  • respond to users’ messages and reactions
  • automatically post messages on certain dates and at certain times,
  • receive data from Google Forms/Google Sheets API (or some equivalent)
  • read and write to a small database.

I’m looking for a hosting service that is reliable, as cheap as possible, and (ideally) easy to use.

I wondered if AWS Lambda and DynamoDB would be suitable for this project? Would the free tier cover it? And if not, what would a better alternative be?

I’d be extremely grateful for any advice!

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