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4 tips to optimize AWS Lambda for production

Optimizing AWS Lambdas is all about knowing the right ways to do it and locating the issues. These 4 tips will help you create a workflow of continuously monitoring and improving your Lambda functions for production:…

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Is NoSQL irrelevant for data engineering?

In this article, we’ll investigate use cases for which data engineers may need to interact with NoSQL data stores. Read more: submitted by /u/Dashbird [link] [comments]

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[Upcoming webinar] Using observability to scale AWS Lambda

In this 45-minute webinar we’ll be discussing how to utilize observability to optimize your Lambdas for scale and maintain their performance over time – from development to production to scabability.

What you’ll learn:

  • How do you spot potentially slow-running Lambda functions and how do to power-tune them in development?
  • Load testing and how you need a good observability tool for when you do load testing? How to do load testing?
  • How to use observability and make crucial data available in production and at scale?
  • Observability best practices and common mistakes.
  • SRE maintenance and keeping your infrastructure performance healthy in the long-term.

Presenters: Ben Ellerby (AWS serverless hero and VP of engineering at Theodo), Alexander White, Full-Stack Mobile and Web Engineer at Theodo and Taavi Rehemägi, CEO and Co-Founder at Dashbird.

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