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How to develop a cloud computing app for the whole world (also Chinese market)?

Hi all! I’m quite new in cloud computing and I have curiosities about some aspects.

Suppose that I want to build a mobile app for all the world that has a login page and other stuff as profile, photos, etc, and I choose to use cloud infrastructure to manage authentication, database and storage. How can I diffuse my app in the Chinese market?

Exists a cloud infrastructure that works all over the world and is not blocked by the Great Firewall?

Google Cloud not works, Chinese AWS is a separate service from standard AWS and implicates to rebuild of all the cloud infrastructure (right?), and also Microsoft Azure have problems.

Data from Chinese users must be separate from all others?

So, it’s impossible to develop a single cloud infrastructure that works everywhere? If not, which is the best way to take?


If I want to create an app for all the world (also Chinese market) which is the best cloud platform to choose?

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