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Huge spanner in my plans, Is there any hope for me?

Heres the situation, I had plans to move to the Canary Islands and confirmed with my employer that its okay for me to be working abroad as long as its within the EU.

So I send all the required details, book my flights and find a place, all is good. Nope, turns out someone within the company has to leave the Canary Islands because the cloud servers for our phone systems doesn’t work from there. Unfortunately for me I’m kind of set on going to this location, and got this job as it would allow me to work from there, also, they have made it clear they have given up on the Canary Islands and its pretty much if you move there you lose your job kind of thing.

SO, what are my options, find a new job, or move without a job and likely be fucked if anything goes wrong. Not great options.

I guess I’m hoping some angel with a lot more technical knowledge than me will comment some magical solution to the cloud server issues. Looks to me that my plans are most likely completely fucked though. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.

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