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Linux/Python Question

Just passed my CPP and going for my SA- Associate then Dev-Associate before I go for a junior engineer job within my company Is it necessary to learn linux or can I get by with just being proficient in coding (python)? submitted by /u/duy…

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Passed my cloud practitioner! Question on next steps…

I’ve just passed my cloud practitioner and am trying to figure out my next steps moving forward…

I’ve been learning python but i’m also interested in the solutions architect pathway.

Do solutions architects at the associate or professional level code at all?

I’m basically trying to figure out if I should go for the AWS SA-Associate or the AWS SysOps/Dev-Associate next – spending money on resources so wanted to get some insight before I proceed with my studies

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learning linux

I’ve been told i should learn linux in order to start my career in cloud computing but i only have a mac how similar/different are OSX and linux? if i learn bash on my mac can I still apply what I learn when using it elsewhere? submitted by &#3…

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