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Learning path for a full stack dev wanting to get into cloud engineering

Right now I can write Single Pages Apps using React.js with Typescript, and Express.js backends with an SQL database. I’m currently learning how to use AWS Api Gateway, Lambda, Cognito and RDS to take my apps into the cloud.

I’ve heard Terraform would be a good next step after learning how to manage these services using templates instead of the console. I looked into TF vs CloudFormation and TF won even on the AWS subreddit.

Jenkins and Ansible come up when I look into cloud engineering. Also kubernetes, which is container orchestration. Kubernetes sounds like a longer term thing to learn as my current applications are small and don’t need scale.

I do have light experience writing a Dockerfile.

What would you guys advise I learn next? I assume Terraform has the best immediate case. Then maybe Jenkins or Ansible?

My goal is to balance the inherent motivation that comes from techs that have immediate use for my personal SP Applications, with techs that are highly marketable. Therefore my list at the moment looks like this:

  1. Terraform
  2. Jenkins or Ansible
  3. Jenkins or Ansible
  4. Kubernetes

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