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What’s the best cloud provider / cloud provider offering for my (pretty common) use case?

I’m developing a web app that connects to a database and uses a file storage to persist files. This probably describes about 99% of all web applications out there.

I’m expecting at most 100 concurrent users, around 2GB worth of database storage and around 2GB worth of file storage in the near future, IF the project actually kicks off in the first place. I’d like it to be available 24/7, 7 days a week, so any “you get 50 minutes / month” offerings are a no-go.

I could go with a cloud VM and set everything up myself (shouldn’t be a problem) or with a combination of docker + DB + file storage hosting. Which cloud provider and cloud provider offering would fit my use case best? Right now I’m drowning in the sea of options that are available on google, amazon, microsoft, digital ocean, etc.

Also: I don’t want to deploy this on my local machine / local hobby server, as those COULD potentially go down at any moment, whereas cloud providers guarantee at least some form of up-time.

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