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Looking for a on-demand container option for Application video recording

I’m looking for an online service that will let me run long running containers (From minutes to 3 hours) on demand.

Currently I have a single VPS that is sitting idle 50% of the time waiting for processing requests. When a request comes through an application is started and it’s output is recorded using OBS/ffmpeg

So I want to replace this with a docker container that is only started when a request comes through.

I’ve had a quick look at GKE, but that seems too expensive as I’ll need to have a k8s cluster and I’m guessing I will still have to pay for the idle time that the cluster nodes are doing nothing.

My other idea was google Cloud Run, but that seems to have a timeout of only a few minutes (10 or 15 I think). Is this correct?

My last option is AWS ECS. This looks similar to Cloud Run, but I think it will work as long as I have a health check running to say the container is still in use.

Any other options would be considered.

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