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Is there anyway to extend the disk quota beyond 2GB for Clound foundry app on IBM Cloud?

I’m trying to deploy a python app which requires multiple dependencies that takes more than 2GB disk space, near about 4GB.

From the IBM docs (, it states to support maximum of 2GB.

I tried to specify like -k 4GB in CF cli and disk_quota: 4GB in manifest.yml but it doesn’t support more than 2GB and new error states like disk_quota too much disk requested (requested 4096 MB - must be less than 2048 MB).

I’m wondering whether there’s some workaround using which I can extend the disk_quota of my cloud foundry app on IBM cloud?

In the link shared above, IBM states to use Cloud Object Storage when the more than 2GB of disk space is required but I could not find any resources which uses external service to extend the disk space of cloud foundry app. I suspect how can it even be possible to install dependencies in external object storage!


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