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Which Cloud Computing platform to choose for my job. I will be doing part-time master’s in Data Science alongside.

Hi guys,

I got a full-time job in the Cloud Computing field.

I have recently graduate from my bachelor’s in Computer Science. Alongside with the full time job, I will be doing a part-time master’s in Data Science.

I will start as a cloud computing engineer on the 1st of July at a corporate company. The company is already using the three major platforms: AWS, Azure and GCP.

The company will provide me with trainings (for one year then I will be offered a permanent contract) on the cloud computing platform I have chosen. So far, I have had some experience with AWS. During one of my internships, I have completed a cloud guru course in AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. I didn’t get certified because the company didn’t cover the certification fees but I completed the cloud guru tutorials.

I can also choose an OS of my own desire. I have had a lot of experience with macOS and Windows. I am proficient with Linux (Ubuntu and MX Linux).

I live in Europe. Microsoft is taking quite a big part of the market in EMEA. Thus, most of the companies have started using Azure because it is cheaper for them as they already have contract(s) with Microsoft. On the other hand, I have read that GCP is really good for everything related to data (e.g. ML, AI, etc.). Probably in the future, I will transition from the Cloud into the Data Science field because I will be majoring in Data Science for my master’s.

Regarding certifications, you have to renew your AWS certifications every 2 years. Azure certifications don’t have an expiration date (which is a great perk). I am not familiar with GCP.

Could you please help me with which Cloud Computing platform should I choose (learn and work with)? I can’t make up my mind. Mostly wondering between Azure and AWS.

Thank you in advance for your responses!

Greetings from Europe. Stay safe during the COVID-19 and all the BLM protests! Cheers!

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