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Cloud Operating System FriendOS v1.2.8 is Out – Release Notes.

FriendOS Update

It’s our delight to yet again deliver an update of Hydrogen. With this, we are increasingly making FriendOS a mature and viable cloud platform for collaboration, productivity and casual entertainment.

This time we have concentrated on making sure Friend is ever more accessible and solid for our growing number of users at – an example of a large production environment that is easy to maintain and service.

With FriendOS, a system administrator can manage thousands of users with each a set of applications, cloud storage and contacts in a multitasking environment, running in a browser.

Changelog for Hydrogen 4, v1.2.8


  • Introduced GetStarted (this one) app where users can also install applications to their accounts
  • Introduced new application Sumo
  • Introduced various games like ZombsRoyale, ShellShockers and others


  • Improved user login code
  • Friend Chat got better admin moderation tool
  • Friend Chat has delete private messages


  • Optimized Friend Core
  • Optimized Friend Chat on opening push notifications
  • Fixed memory leaks and improved stability
  • Improved communication between Friend Core and Friend Chat


  • Fixed websocket errors when updating My Account settings
  • Fixed OnlyOffice connections when a Friend Core restart occurs
  • Fixed iframe problems that came with the latest Chrome update
  • Fixed various resolution bugs when having a Startup-Sequence
  • Fixed visibility bug related to drives
  • Fixed security hole related to AuthID
  • Fixed avatar image change bug
  • Fixed user getting locked from various scenarios

Source code available here:


If you have not got an account, or want to test, please join for free here:

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