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Allowing multiple users to send simultaneous input to one cloud desktop

Right so I’m sort of stuck on how to tackle this issue. Thanks to COVID pushing everything on line I’m trying to take my university club to the cloud.

I have a little bit of AWS experience but the real problem here is that I need multiple users (like up to 6) to be able to connect to a single instance, and also have the ability to send their inputs to visually control the application (Tabletop Simulator). A lot of my Googling is showing people trying to achieve the inverse. I’m hoping that this won’t require any esoteric software or knowledge requirements on the part of the users.

I’ll likely be using Windows instances but I’m also open to using Linux (Debian base preferred) and I’ll probably be using AWS G4 instances, however if there’s a good alternative that has cheap GPU availability I’m open to suggestions.

So TL;DR help me allow 6 users to all send their input to a single VM and if multiple users have to fight over the controller there are other ways for me to deal with it.

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