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Five Cloud Services Every Developer Should Know

Check out this talk from GOTO Oslo 2020 by Tiberiu Covaci, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure architect and mastermind in Microsoft technologies and Angular. The talk link and full talk abstract have been pasted below:…

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Why Your Private Cloud is Probably a Bad Idea

Give this talk a watch from GOTO Copenhagen 2019 by Sam Newman, expert in helping people ship software fast and author of “Building Microservices”. You can find the talk link and full abstract pasted below:

The growth of the public cloud market is obvious to everyone. But what’s less well known is that enterprises are still growing the infrastructure and services they run for themselves. A host of reasons are given for why companies can’t use public cloud solutions, but do these reasons stack up?

This talk analyses the concerns around the use of public cloud, including concerns about vendor lock-in. I’ll also look at what makes cloud work (or not), we’ll see why private clouds often fail to deliver.

What will the audience learn from this talk?
That private cloud is normally a bad idea, and Kubernetes probably won’t save it. We’ll also cover directly concerns about vendor lock-in, and give you some framing for helping decide when, and how, to buy into limitations placed on you by a vendor.

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