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Explanation on Cloud Power vs Price

Hi there,

These days I’ve been trying to try cloud computing on the Amazon/Google free tier for graphical and numerical processing. However I am a bit confused on the specs that are listed when trying to calculate the time required.

  1. Mostly they mention only amount of CPU and threads but no frequency or architecture, how do I know what is the comparable processor, e.g i7-7700.
  2. GPU, same thing, no memory size, and rather just amount of GPU, same with 1, how do I predict the power and function available? e.g availability of cuda
  3. Free tier, I have managed to find a warning system tutorial when it goes above certain amount of time, but is there like a way to stop the system when it goes over the free tier? I’ve read some horror stories of cloud computing bill hence that’s another one of my concern.

So, how do I solve these?

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