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Suggestions on what services to choose for migrating to AWS

Hi all.

I’m interested to migrate my application to the cloud and specifically to AWS. The thing is that I’ve never before had an experience with these platforms and how to choose based on your needs.

So here is a brief technical description of my app. It is just a JAVA spring boot API that uses Maria DB and Couchbase for data storage. Some days ago, I was reading the documentation of the Chouchbase their suggestion about an r4.4xlarge instance only for hosting the Couchbase.

So based on my little knowledge of that kind of stuff, I thought to host the rest of the app within an a1.4xlarge general purpose instance.

One more piece of info that could be helpful to decide is probably the traffic of the app. So based on some exaggerated calculations there could reach 4.750.000 requests/month.

Based on all these are the above instances wise choices? How would you approach this migration? Any ideas, tutorials, and tips are very welcomed.

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