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[Serverless development] AWS Lambda vs Google Cloud Functions vs Azure Functions ?

For the needs of my job, I recently dived into NodeJS and serverless development, and chose AWS services by default (biggest community and pool of functionalities). BUT this quickly turned into a fucking nightmare, trying to compute all the needed services to get a proper build/deploy/run stack :

– AWS CodeStar to get started, using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy

– AWS API Gateway to trigger the functions (launched with AWS Lambda), enhanced with AWS Cloudfront

– connection to AWS S3 and AWS DynamoDB for static files and data

– organization management in AWS to make my company pay for this and IAM roles management

– maybe I forgot something

AWS Console is, in my opinion, definitely not for standalone developers. After roughly one week of trying it out, reading the docs and figuring how to plug that thing to this one, I gave up. In the end I turned to Heroku to do this (which is, yes, not serverless).

So now, for the question :

For an independent developer, which serverless service provider is the best ?

I’ve already looked the pricing, the supported runtimes, the limitations and all but the things I didn’t really find were :

– the learning curve of the services

– the easiness to plug them all together

– the easiness to maintain an ecosystem of those services

Do you have any feedback on your experience with those providers ?

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