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AWS complete beginner! Need some guidance setting up my first Web-App on AWS!

I have to deploy my Web-App to any one of the cloud service providers as part of a college project. I chose AWS. My Web-App is kind of like Google Classroom and it allows 2 types of accounts: student account and teacher account. The teacher can create a class which the students can join. Then the teacher can post assignments on the class and the students can submit their assignments there. Hence, for this website I will need some kind of cloud storage. I have used a Flask backend for my webapp.

I tried to find tutorials on AWS but they are overwhelming and I’m not exactly sure what I need. The closest tutorial to my application which I could find was the “Mythical Misfits” tutorial on the AWS website. I followed 2 of its modules but then something went wrong in the end of the last module and I’m not being able to see my website at the URL. I’ve tried searching the internet for the error but all the answers I’ve found talk so much about other AWS functionality and terms which I don’t understand.

I don’t want to become an expert at AWS because clearly that would require a lot of time and studying. I just want to get my project website up and running. Could someone please guide me? I’d be really thankful ;-;

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