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[Help plz] Teaching cloud computing and video games

Hello everyone,

Sorry in advance for the long text, I prefer to be explaining properly. Thanks for reading.

I got recruited by a school to teach some Master 2 students and I was told to give a lesson about “cloud computing and video games”.

Some infos about myself: – that will be my first ever teaching experience – I have 35 hours of teaching which I think is way too much… Still have to do it now, too late to back off – the students are being taught everything about cloud computing and programming (python, Java, and not sure .. node.js maybe) – I am a unity developer, well versed in most topics related to game dev. – I currently am a R&D engineer and have experience in cloud development in general, I did notably a custom set of servers (with unity) to handle the production of quantities of heavy 3D renderings servers (schedule+workers) over Google Cloud. – I code in C#/Mono and python for those things. – I did a bunch of things like Playfab, Steam API implementations that could be considered “cloud for video games”

I am asking for help because… I don’t know at all what would be interesting for students… I would like them to leave the lessons with “something”.

I wanted that, in between the various lessons, there would be “exercices” that in the end would give them not only notions that would be useful for their professional life as well as being fun.

The school manager told me that they love Minecraft, that they hear a lot about “stadia”and other projects like Shadow, etc.

Anyway, so far, my idea was to try to give them somehow the view of a video game developer company and it could be helpful to have a cloud computing developer work on related topics: – how cloud can help a developer in the game’s development stages (automation of builds, calculating lights and not blocking someone’s computer, services generating worlds like Minecraft or compressing 3d models, etc etc)

  • how users could benefit from it (user data, friend groups, data storage, gigantic multiplayer games like, etc)

  • how it could lead to lowering costs (multiplayer servers being spawned/unspawned automatically depending on demand), opening ways to sell more stuff (subscriptions, in game items), mass adoption, etc

-all the while, making them create their own server that would stream Linux hosted games and they would be able to play from their computer/their phone). Though it sounded a bit doable, teaching them a lot about finding ways to deal with professional topics that might encounter.

My question is big, I know, if you have any opinion on what “cloud computing for video games” is, that would be really helpful… If you have an idea how I could structure those lessons also would be so cool… Or what projects/exercices that could do.

In advance, thanks so much, it’s been weeks that it just stresses me out so much, I just am 100% stuck.


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