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Interactive App Distribution : Cloud Computing : Pros and Cons ?

Hi guys, I am a Unity Developer who is building an interactive app which uses game mechanics and multimedia. The size of the app ,memory requirements, GPU requirements can reduce accessibility drastically. The space we are operating in already has web-based products, which sacrifices interactivity as Web browsers have limited capacity. So, Cloud-streaming can give us a tremendous advantage as the computational requirements will get met remotely.

Now, we guys are absolute noobs with respect to Cloud Computing. What would be the best path to take, to build a scalable solution. Also, what are the things that common people don’t know about cloud streaming that may make it less attractive – like how expensive is the technology backend etc.

P.S. Yes, we’ll preferably use some Third party service that will manage the server and distribution. But, we want to understand the technology and its limitations.

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