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GPU Server for cheaper?


Firstly I would like to apologize if this is not the right subreddit to ask this question, but from my searches, this seemed to be the most appropriate. I currently work for a small startup that does interactive Archviz (architectural visualization) applications, host them on a cloud server(they are basically just windows games), then stream the feed via webRTC to the client’s browser. Currently, we’ve tried AWS, Azure, and paperspace cloud services, and while they work, they are really expensive (especially for the country we are from).

So far we’ve tested GPU boards such as the K80, T4, M60, P40, Quadro 4000 (basically everything that we could test, that was under 2k$/month) and we could run 3 to 4 applications at the same time(basically all could run at least 3 apps, at 30fps no RTX with 100% gpu usage). Then we tried using one of the computers laying around to test how many applications we could run, and with a GTX 2080, we managed to run up to 5 application at the same time, but we ran into another problem, the nvenc encoder is limited to 3 apps (I removed this limit with a driver patch, but sometimes it gets buggy, so I do not consider this a long term stable solution). At this point, we think it would be more feasible and cheap to keep two PC’s with 2080 and run our server on both of them, rather than paying 1k/month to Azure for worse performance.

My server knowledge isn’t the best but I know that data center GPUs are different from consumer-grade GPUs and are not really gaming-oriented, but instead, they offer more reliability than a GTX card. My questions are:

– how bad would it be if I used consumer grade GPUS instead of server grade? Also, what drawbacks besides the one I mentioned above, would I encounter?

– is it legal to have consumer grade GPUS in a server? (haven t really seen any big datacenter offer such thing)

– if I would have to buy a server grade card(I was thinking of the QUADRO A6000) should I stay with Azure/AWS/GCloud/etc. or can I just build a workstation myself, and host my own server?

I just want to mention, that now, we’re looking at a max of 3 users at the same time on a server, but we would like to be able to bump that number to 10 users on a server if possible( I think a 3090 should have been able to hold that many apps open in terms of performance, but the driver only allows 3 streams, so we’re hoping that a A6000 could do the same but without the nvenc limit)

Thanks a lot for the time taken to read this, and sorry again if this was not the right subreddit to post.

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