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Is it possible to have 2 different websites pointed to same application

According to this image link:

I would like to use 2 (or more) different websites for different customers, however everything else will remain the same.

Think of it like I have a platform which is applicable to different customers, but I don’t want to have just 1 website for them to access this platform, instead will have a website name specific to their niche, and the website itself is like a cover.

Like having the exact same chocolate but in 2 different wrappers.

Pretty much the whole application from the back end to front end remains the same, it is just 2 different websites for branding purposes, so the customers feel special.

I understand there are more details like how I am handling the user systems and all, but assume it is all 1 piece together in the back-end

Hopefully I am explaining this correctly…

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