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Cloud Management Platform: do you really need it?

I am involved in defining a framework of practices and tools to manage assets (mostly PaaS services, focus on cloud native architecture) residing on multiple Cloud providers (major cloud vendors: AWS, Azure, GCP).

The overall idea is to create a “platform” of centrally managed services, available to application teams with a DevOps approach, based on the services available by the cloud providers, but with a platform team responsible for a actually managing the platform services consistently.

I see the need of a tool to abstract from each provider characteristics, especially to address topics such as: asset inventory, cost management, incident management, all in a multi cloud scenario.

A Cloud Management Platform (CMP) seems to address some of these use cases, yet I wouldn’t like get framed in a tool that imposes it’s limits and doesn’t really align with new cloud native architecture and tools (kubernetes). So I would like to know any real world experience, as I already heard cases of “make” (your own multi cloud platform tools) but no real experience with commercial CMPs.

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