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I’m helping my department connect to our EDW and have some questions?

Total noob and not a cloud engineer. I work in Global Trade Compliance (legal side of logistics) and we’re tasked with developing our data maturity and connecting it to our EDW via Snowflake. Other teams are there to help us.

I’m a subject matter expert in my own field and I’m not trying to change careers by becoming a developer. But if I wanted to expand my knowledge on how I can meet the real developers halfway what should I look at?

I’m getting into Access, Python, SQL, and VBA for my own uses. But I feel there is a great opportunity for me to be the SME/Cloud guy in my field. Can I get some good fundamental knowledge quickly to leverage that into a Trade/PM Cloud specialist?

Or do I really need to start from the basics to work my way up to cloud data warehousing/dev?

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