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Cloud service prices/quality


My friend works with AI models, has a lot of data and he wants to build his own cloud ( computing power, storage) due to cloud service providers high pricing that he would have to spend …

I wanted to ask you guys:

What are the cloud services that you use guys?

And what do you pay?

How much and how often computing power workers need?

What experience you have had with providers ?

What advantages/disadvantages you face with the providers?

Anyone would be interested for a spot in his cloud ?

and what would you pay?

You would have 2-4 TB storage, unlimited bandwith, free upload/download, 8 cpus, 1-6 GPU’s ( custom setup of your cloud can be possible )

His setup is : 1x AMD Epyc Rome 64c/128 thread CPU 1x Server motherboard,supporting 10Gb/s LAN (+multilan), Epyc 7002 series 1 TB ram. 1x 64GB RAM stick ( CLS and 2133 Mhz ) RAID/SAS Controller, supporting full RAID10, Water cooling system 12x GPU RTX 2070 2x GPU RTX Titan PSU 3x 1.5kW ( GOLD standard ) 8x 10-15 TB HDD RAID10 NVM’e drives – 10TB +- 1-2TB per stick.

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