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Multicloud management platforms: pros/cons

Hi there!

Recently I`ve joined an amazing startup :tada:

We`re building the multicloud management platform, which we believe will become the next industry standard (maybe sounds pretty arrogant, but real entrepreneurs dream big, right? 🙂

For now I can’t share with you all the details, but I really need your opinion! It will help us in many ways and you can be a part of a really cool project (when we launch – I’ll share the promo codes with you, so you can be the first to try it).

What I want to ask as a favor – share your thoughts with me on multicloud management platforms.

If you have ever considered using such a platform, what functional be the most crucial for you (there are no right or wrong answers – all are good)?

Maybe you dream to use one but find it too difficult for yourself or absence of an important functional you thought it was supposed to have but not..

Kudos to all for the feedback shared!

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