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Need help with College/University Project

I hope you all are doing well.

So our college have multiple systems available with various GPUs like 3060, 3070 and 3090.

For our project we (me and my team) are suppose to build a cloud system which can be accessed by any student of our college and use it for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.

It should be similar to Google Colab, but using our own system and open source softwares. It should also have an option for students to select which GPU they want to use.

We did some research and found that OpenStack is something we can use, but we don’t know how to start and where to look out for resources on how to deploy such a system.

We can only use our own systems, OpenStack and any other open source software. If there’s some other hardware component required without which such a system won’t be possible, then only we can ask for it.

I will be really thankful if you all can provide me with any guidance/suggestions on how to build this system. Thank you.

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