AWS App2Container – A New Containerizing Tool for Java and .NET Applications

AWS App2Container – A New Containerizing Tool for Java and .NET Applications

by Channy Yun (Thank you).

AWS is launching

AWS App2Container,

  • a new command-line tool that helps

    • containerize existing applications that are running on-premises,
    • in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), or in other clouds,
    • without needing any code changes.

AWS App2Container is offered free.

AWS App2Container
  • discovers applications running on a server,
  • identifies their dependencies, and
  • generates relevant artifacts for seamless deployment to Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS.

It also provides integration with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy to enable a repeatable way to build and deploy containerized applications.

AWS App2Container generates the following artifacts for each application component:

Application artifacts such as

  • application files/folders,
  • Dockerfiles,
  • container images in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR),
  • ECS Task definitions,
  • Kubernetes deployment YAML,
  • CloudFormation templates to deploy the application to Amazon ECS or EKS, and
  • templates to set up a build/release pipeline in AWS Codepipeline which also leverages AWS CodeBuild and CodeDeploy.

Starting today, you can use App2Container to containerize

  • ASP.NET (.NET 3.5+) web applications running in IIS 7.5+ on Windows, and

  • Java applications running on Linux --

    • standalone JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and
    • generic Java applications such as Spring Boot, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, etc.

For details, please refer to App2Container FAQs and documentations.

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