If you create an application locally using different containers, can you "upload" it to the cloud and have it work and benefit from the cloud without making any changes?

Lets say I create an application based on different microservices. My whole development environment is contained in my workstation. I containerized each microservice. Then, I design my application based on these microservices. The application and microservices are all based on a Linux environment and are all Docker containers.

Can I just provision a Linux environment in the cloud, install Docker, create container instances of the application and microservices from the container images, and call it done?

By done, I mean the application is running in the cloud and it automatically inherits cloud benefits like scalable and redundant resources. I don’t need to do anything else. My application and microservices code stays the same and no changes are required. My application is running as if it were in my workstation.

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