Cisco v. Zoom: Who makes the better collaboration room system?

Collaboration spaces, such as huddle rooms and conference rooms, have grown in popularity as businesses look to facilitate better work environments. When planning a strategy, IT and business leaders need to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether a multi or single vendor is best for them -- an age-old debate for which there is no universal right answer because it depends on the use case. In the area of collaboration rooms, though, the right decision can pay big dividends and the wrong decision can lead to wasted time and money. 

Truebeck Construction leverages collaboration rooms to interact with global organizations

Recently, Truebeck Construction, a West Coast general contractor, was developing their collaboration room strategy and had to make a decision. The company needed a tool that makes it easier for their clients, many in other countries, to become part of the construction projects, Mike Elmore, IT director at the company, told me. Further, architects, subcontractors, and other people involved in the building process need to be tied together globally. Collaboration rooms allow the company to connect everyone without having to fly people around the world.

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