Cloud-Based Jupyter Notebooks

I work for the highway safety group and we perform spatial analysis and modelings for our clients. Essentially, all state DOTs (which some of them are our clients) are trying to use historic highway crash data, roadway data, and their historic highway safety treatments data to come up with the best investment option that maximizes the reduction in the number of highway fatalities and injuries for their future limited funds. This requires processing several gigabytes of data, developing prediction models, network screening, before-after studies, etc. We have created many Python and R Jupiter notebooks plus some Python packages that covers the entire cycle of analysis. Most of our analysis are spatial and we use Esri products (arcpy, AGOL) extensively. I am looking to find a way to organize these notebooks and deliver those to our clients so they can perform those in-house. This will require saving the data on ArcGIS portal/servers and using Azure or AWS as the cloud processing unit. My goal is to make this a platform where non-technical users can read the notebooks and perform the analysis. Most of these analyses need to be repeated annually and DOTs prefer to do that in-house. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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