cloud company recommendation? trigger warning: i am a noob to cloud hosting services

im currently looking at implementing a SIS at the academy I work for in order to integrate a bunch of really outdated google docs into one simple UI that can generate reports more quickly. so far OpenSIS looks to be the software i want to use to do this.

while i found easy enough instructions to run it locally and have my users connect via my IP, i'd prefer to host it on a cloud that can be accessible 24/7 without my computer being on, and also that has automatic backups so i don't have to worry about the data being lost.

i looked at AWS to try and find a solution but frankly there are so many products that i'm not sure what to use. opensis does offer cloud hosting but does so for around 150usd/month plus a $500 setup fee. i suspect that i could probably figure out how to deploy the software on a virtual private server myself given some time.

can somebody recommend a company and product that i could use to accomplish this goal? really any thing would be helpful even just to point me in the right direction.

thanks in advance!

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