Cloud performance benchmarks

Would love to get community’s feedback on something. I’m interested to know how often you(or your organization) find the need to run cloud performance benchmarks (see examples below)? OR, if you currently do not run benchmarks but you would if you had the right tool to help with the process, how often do you think running performance benchmarks would provide valuable insights? A common example would be to find a more optimized infrastructure (performance and/or cost) for your current production applications. Do you see the need to explore different options (VMs, disk, network, database, zone, etc.)?

Example benchmarks:

  • disk or network throughput of different VMs.
  • network throughout between different zones, regions, clouds, etc.
  • cpu performance of different VM types
  • performance of different DBs such as MySQL vs Postgres. Or DynamoDB vs Cassandra
  • CDN performance
  • api response time
  • container launch time
  • data warehouse comparison
  • etc.


  • compare contrast clouds, zones, VMs in terms of cost and/or performance
  • compare metrics over time
  • infrastructure recommendations based on collected metrics
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