Cloud server for single page with thousands of simultaneous users

Hey everyone!

I'm tasked with finding a solution for the following: we need to set up an extremely simple landing page for an event that is a single HTML file and a couple of images, a kind of a timetable for the event and links to external resources. The event is a two-day event, and already has over 4000 registrations, so this single page is expected to be accessed by thousands of users simultaneously for a couple of hours during two days.

So I would need a (possibly) cloud solution for this: to host a single page on a server that can handle thousands of simultaneous users for a couple of days. I thought a cloud solution would be great but I'm completely new to this scene and I have no idea. Should I choose Azure, AWS, Google or something else? What services do I need from these? And what capacity? What is the estimated price?

I'm a bit lost at this one, any help is appreciated :)

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