Database query for a simple web app

Hello guys,

Sorry, this is my first post so hopefully its in the right spot. I would just like some help with choosing if and which database would be suitable in the backend for our serverless web app please.

Some background - Essentially, I am very new to cloud computing. I am trying to make a web app , to solve a problem we are having with manual entries of data in a hospital setting (which will contain confidential details).

Web app basics - users 3 or 4 per shift will be inputting plain text/choosing from dropdown options for each entry. Each entry would be 150 characters at most, apart from 4 dropdown options . 550 entries per week. Web app would be used for approximately 104 hours per week .

Only about 72 hours worth of entries would need to be accessed quickly with low latency times. Majority of entries would be in long-term storage (S3 - 10% for 4 years, 90% - 1 year).

The developer on board is a fullstack developer who will writing using Javascript for both ends (MEAN stack).

Plan - Initially, just one site for a few months. Later, for this to be deployed across 5 centres so same numbers across 5 web apps.I was hoping to deploy it on AWS (before finding out the dev was a MEAN engineer), just as being so robust etc. and need for encryption at rest due to sensitive nature of contents.


1) I've heard DynamoDB can be quite expensive as it scales up - do you think this is a problem we may face with this simple web app, even if it were used across 5-10 diff sites? I am a single individual and Im quite conscious of long term cost-implications.

2) Any other setups you would recommend that might work better ? Given that the dev is actually more used to MongoDB

Sorry its a long read, but wanted to give some context to make it useful. Thanks for reading and your help!

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