[Expert Call Request] Workers Unbound (Will be compensated)

Hi all,

I am currently looking for an expert whom I can have a quick call with regarding the Cloudflare's serverless offerings and how it differs from other providers.

To give context, I work for an investment fund based in Melbourne, Australia. We invest in technology businesses both in the private and public markets and are very excited by the potential of this space. We are currently trying to understand the edge computing space and in particular the shift towards serverless computing and its ramifications for the overall cloud computing space.

More specifically, I would like to understand further the offerings of Workers Unbound seeing that it has removed the previous CPU and Javascript only limitations - both key factors in limiting its adoption rates when our fund spoke to previous experts/users.

Suitable experts will be compensated for their time to show our appreciation.

If you're interested or know of someone who can speak at length about Cloudflare in general or Workers specifically let me know!


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