Flask Web App, deploy to AWS or GCP?

I have basic flask web app that I want to deploy to production, and wanted to get thoughtful insights on whether you recommend AWS or GCP for my situation. Thanks!

Here are the details:

Python3, Flask web service with 40 http post/get endpoints.

Number of users = 20 on launch day. Expecting up to 200 within a few months. Might need to scale much more later, but not right now.

I took the initial shortcut of keeping state in dicts() which seems okay for now, but will refactor to redis/mysql as soon as I start to hit bottlenecks. I expect this will happen around 100 users.

My impressions:

Even though AWS seems richer in offerings, the quality and openness of the documentation and approach of GCP appears far superior to me. Their examples (appengine) are designed exactly as expected, use completely standard technologies, flask, etc, and GCP seems to not have the clunky legacy moving-parts of elastic-beanstalk.

My fear is that I find GCP to match exactly what I would expect/want, NOT because it's cleaner/better, but because the AWS approach, though heavier, is actually the better one. And the reason I'm not appreciating it is that I don't know enough about AWS. In other words, I'm afraid that in a year I would find that what seemed like "precise" and "clean" on gcp turns out to be naive/incomplete.

What do you guys think? Please make it clear what your knowledge level and experience is in your responses. I've been doing "enterprise web apps" for 20'ish years, from the ancient days of Tomcat, all the way to Asp .Net a couple years ago, etc, but haven't done any serious work in cloud yet.


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