Get a job in cloud computing? Later in cloud architecture? Self-taught?

Hey, I am a former IT engineering student who took a turn into psychology, but then realized my mistake. I absolutely believe in myself in being able to achieve this on my own, but I am looking for outside advice. My goal is to get into Cloud Architecting professionally, but I understand you need prior experience in Cloud computing roles on top of demonstrable expertise in designing deployable cloud solutions with CI/CD and all best practices etc, etc. What would your thoughts be on such a path? Is it feasible by being self-taught? I have been studying computer science, web, general programming and embedded programming (very lightly, wrote a small assembly VM using 16bit vector length for LC-3 instruction set created by a professor for college students). I would highly prefer not going back to school as I learn much faster on my own, and the only reason IMHO would be for the "degree" on my CV and some practical experience that I can get by buying labs on learning platforms anyway. These would be a little inferior, but they also cost much less than a whole degree, and on the flip side they are likely to be much more up to date with recent progress in the tech compared to the college course. Thanks for any advice!

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